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Half Moon Theatre
Project: her (working title 'i')
“We would definitely come to see ‘i’. It was a really strong beginning. The idea of projection is different, it’s engaging and it gives a different dynamic to performance. We liked the idea of one actor multi-roling the different female characters. Knowing brolly created Guantanamo Boy we’re excited about the possibility of the moving set, getting your audience involved in the action – being immersed in it – and really close to the energy of the performance. If they take on the students’ responses too we’ll be really excited to see how it turns out!”
Joanne Bird 
Head of Faculty for Visual and Performing Arts
 Year 10, Langdon Park School, Tower Hamlets

"the animation is not something you would expect... something really different''

"was really touching... I was in tears"

"having the graphics really makes it stick in your head and the acting was amazing so it stuck to me" 

Year 10 Students

Langdon Park School, Tower Hamlets 

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