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British Museum 'Performing the archive'

Symposium, performance and exhibition

Project: Clocks 1888: the greener

We were invited to host a symposium and exhibition in the Stevenson Lecture theatre to bring our diverse audiences togther with archivists, theatre venues and arts professionals. This was followed by an public event in the Clocks collection itself working with the curators from the Horology archive.

"a unique and hugely interesting exploration of the museum world can collide and feed into the creative arts"

Freddie Matthews

Learning and National Partnerships, The British Museum

Hackney Museum 'Opera audiences of the future'

Performances and workshops for Primary 

Project: Clocks 1888: the greener

"What can I say?!? What a glowing report I have had from everyone about how AMAZING yesterday's school session was, thank you so much for giving them such a rich and valuable experience to the kids! inspiring the next generation of opera stars in a London borough where 34% of children live in poverty..."

Emma Winch

Heritage Learning Manager

Hackney Museum

Doncaster Museum 'Performing hidden stories'

Symposium and performance 

Project: Clocks 1888: the greener

"We are always looking for new ways to bring our collections and the heritage of Doncaster to a wider public and working with Brolly brought us in to contact with a new audience and the opportunity to display collections that are usually in storage"

Neil McGregor

Arts Exhibition and Outreach

CAST Theatre Doncaster 'Theatre Design Masterclass'

Workshop for emerging artists

Project: Clocks 1888: the greener

"I've never done anything like this before and want to be a costume was lovely environment to be in and I feel more confident and have taken on new advice and skills"


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