2019 illustrated and designed by brolly

Past productions:
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 The greener
Guantanamo Boy
an epic participatory project in development


'Whitby' is an innovative and epic participatory performance project which draws as source material on the work of Bram Stoker's Dracula and the stay of the author on the Yorkshire coast that inspired the novel.


Dracula on the Beach: A spectacular filmed re-enactment of the arrival of Dracula on Whitby beach by community participants.


Whitby Abbey:  Fragments of the Dracula story integrated with an original music score created for the abbey and sung by local choirs and community groups.

Whitby: A play that explores the legacy of the Dracula myth incorporating the film footage from the beach and Abbey. 


As the location and the local people were the inspiration for Bram Stoker's work, we turn the lens back onto the local communities and we draw on the collection of Bram Stoker’s letters and manuscripts held at Leeds University library.

Brolly’s work stages ‘hidden histories’ that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Britain so that the stage reflects the diversity of our contemporary audience. We do extensive archival research to unearth authentic diverse local stories through which we people the stage in a ‘fact to fiction’ process.


Using the Dracula story which looks at the mobilisation of myth and fear created by a predatory ‘other’, we will explore ideas of identity, diversity and inclusion from the perspective of the local people of Whitby.


We will draw on the gothic aesthetic of the late18th century but innovate by integrating digital technologies, green screen, and animated original illustrations based on woodcuts and artists such as Edvard Munch.


We will start the development phases in Spring 2020 with a production planned for Autumn 2021.