2020 illustrated and designed by brolly

Past productions:
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 The greener
Guantanamo Boy
The Stopping Place
an epic participatory choral project 
in development

A new large-scale participatory choral project in partnership with Opera North, The London Borough of Newham and the University of East London.


The ‘stopping place’ [atchin tans] is a Romani term for the list of sites that communities  visit during the year and mark places where Romani and non-Romani communities come together.  

The Stopping Place places two female Romani characters centre stage of a ‘people’s chorus’ drawn from the community which explores ideas of belonging or what it means to be made to feel an ‘outsider’. In this way, the project examines the forces that make communities take sides, excluding others and insisting on sameness – the very opposite of diversity.


Central to the project is community engagement and participation in a high quality and innovative performance that could not be developed or realised without those participants and location. Everyone will have the opportunity to engage in arts practice and create their own family tree that reflect their particular cultural journeys.


Whether, you have roots as far as South Asia or the Caribbean or as close as the next street we want to creatively capture, map and celebrate the rich cultural tapestry that makes modern Britain. The Stopping Place aims to capture and celebrating the often ‘hidden’ stories that make up diverse contemporary Britain.




"We are delighted to be partnering Brolly in the delivery of their exciting new project the Stopping Place which is a great opportunity to develop arts participation and engagement in the borough and to deliver high quality performance work that reflects and celebrates the diversity of our community."

Monica Thomas 

Commissioner, Resident Engagement and Participation

London Borough of Newham