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Bombay Noir
a new thriller in development

Bombay Noir explores a new storytelling concept across multiple creative platforms from live to digital integrating an original visual score into the drama. 


Our approach draws on our experience in realising high-quality performance to theatrically bridge the divide between audio and film.


The visual score is stylised aesthetic using elements of animation, photomontage, live action and graphics alongside original music composition and sound design.


R&D Theatre Royal Stratford East

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Podcast Pilot
(Please contact us for access)

Set in the dying days of the British Raj against the backdrop of partition this noir thriller takes us on a journey from the back streets of Bombay to the heart of the political elite.

"Bombay Urbs Prima In Indis, a city with the highest density population in the world, millionaires live next to slum dwellers, a city of traders, a city rife with corruption, extortion, prostitution and vice …

and that’s just the British"

'Bombay Noir' creates a dark and stylish world of private eyes and femme fatales drawing on the chiaroscuro aesthetic of classic film noir through live and digital performance. 

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