2019 illustrated and designed by brolly

Past productions:
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 The greener
Guantanamo Boy
Bombay Noir
a new thriller in development

Set in the dying days of the British Raj against the backdrop of partition this noir thriller takes us on a journey from the back streets of Bombay and the Indian underworld to the heart of the political elite.

"We all know what it’s like when guests over stay their welcome and after a hundred years of the Raj it’s time to finally say good night.    Of course, the British are not savages. They want to leave a parting gift, something to remember them by, the relocation of millions of people from one end of the country to another through a partition. Turning people of a thousand faiths, customs, traditions and religions who have lived together in this great metropolis into deadly enemies. What’s wrong with mithai [sweets] or a bottle of scotch?"

'Bombay Noir' creates a dark and stylish world of private eyes and femme fatales drawing on the chiaroscuro aesthetic of classic film noir through live and digital performance.