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Guantanamo Boy

An emotionally powerful play 

for teenagers


Khalid likes football, hip hop and computer games and has a crush on a girl in his class like any other teenager boy. But being a Muslim in the aftermath of 9/11 can be dangerous. Snatched in the middle of the night he is thrown into a nightmare world in which he is presumed guilty.


Brolly have created a dynamic in your face one-hour show using graphics, kinetic staging and an original sound score to immerse the audience in Khalid’s world. This story of the transgression of human rights explores the political landscape of war, identity and belonging.


Based on the highly acclaimed novel by Anna Perera, Guantanamo Boy is one ordinary boy’s story about having to grow up in extraordinary circumstances. 


Guantanamo Boy Autumn Tour 2013 is part of Half Moon Presents, a new initiative that supports the promotion and development of contemporary theatrefor young audiences for touring at a national and international level.


The National Tour 2013 included Half Moon Theatre (London); The Hat Factory (Luton); Middle Temple Hall (London); The Mercury Theatre (Colchester); Burnley Youth Centre (Lancashire); The Drum (Birmingham).

"Innocent until proven guilty, not here you’re not”

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