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The Stopping Place

Brolly in partnership with Newham Music

are delighted to have presented ‘The Stopping Place’

in July 2024, at the Great Hall, University of East London.

We will shortly publish a film of the production.


The Production (the making of)

Performance Stratford Old Town Hall 2022
Performers: Sindy Samanta Czureja  (Pusomori), Niamh Bennett (Kaven); Schools Participating in chorus: Lister, St.Angela's, Cobham Academy;
Written and Directed by Dominic Hingorani, Musical score by Tate Hingorani-Short, 
Design and Video by Rachana Jadhav


The Stopping Place is a powerful large scale new music theatre work drawing on music of the Roma tradition

staging the history of the Roma holocaust with a chorus, choir & orchestra drawn from secondary schools in

Newham, East London.

Pusomori and Kaven are half sisters born into the Romani community but now living in two very different worlds. Separated as teenagers Pusomori continues travelling while Kaven, who is 'poshrat' [a 'mixed blood' Romani]

has settled. The ‘Big Halt’ has been called and gypsies are no longer permitted to travel. Kaven returns to the

atchin tan but what price is she prepared to pay for being a sister, a daughter, a Romani?

The production creates new leading roles in the repertoire for under-represented artists from the Roma musical tradition and community.


'My family have been performing Roma music for generations and the chance to bring the history of my people and our music to a wider audience so they can understand us better is very important to me.'
Sindy Czureja: Performer, The Stopping Place

We are extremely grateful to the Weiner Holocaust Library for their archival support and expertise.

We would also like to thank

the Roma Support Group and

London Gypsies and Travellers Organisation.


The Patrin


‘Patrin’ is the Romani word for the signposts, symbols and messages that Roma people would traditionally leave for each other at the ‘atchin tans’ or ‘stopping places’ for their fellow travellers.

The Patrin is a roaming digital exhibition,

curated to celebrate diverse voices.


The Patrin shares stories and songs
by women about women

 (click here).



The Patrin celebrates Roma voices.


Brolly are leading a cross arts professional development programme with Newham Music Education Hub

for young people to develop their creative potential and open pathways into professional creative arts practice.

"The Stopping Place was outstanding in so many ways; storytelling at its best. The interweaving of animation,

set design, choreography and music, created theatre that was powerful, emotional and truthful. It was very,

very alive.Newham Music is delighted to have partnered with Brolly on The Stopping Place.

The Brolly ethos is very much one of collaboration. They inspired young female students from Newham schools

through their inclusive creative processes, from the outset, working on voice, movement and improvisation.

What we saw, what we heard, in performance, were young female artists…brilliant!"


John Bergin

Chief Executive Officer, Newham Music Education Hub




"We know that Roma communities face significant challenges owing to historic structural inequalities and the

prejudice and hostility Roma face in everyday life. In my recent report for the Higher Education Policy Institute,

I called for the understanding and celebration of Roma culture as a means to address the discrimination

Roma communities face in the UK and beyond. 'The Stopping Place' is a powerful production exploring themes

of identity and belonging. It is hugely important to see Roma culture and heritage being remembered and celebrated,

and a new generation of students learning about Roma histories and traditions. We need to see more of this

fantastic work being funded and facilitated moving forward."


Laura Brassington

Policy Manager, Higher Education Policy Institute




stopping place logos.jpg

"We are delighted to be partnering Brolly in the delivery of their exciting new project the Stopping Place which is a great opportunity to develop arts participation and engagement in the borough and to deliver high quality performance work that reflects and celebrates the diversity of our community."

Monica Thomas 

Commissioner, Resident Engagement and Participation

London Borough of Newham

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