The Stopping Place
an epic participatory choral project 
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Sindy Samanta Czureja  (Pusomori)
Jasmina Sywak (Kaven)

Schools Participating in chorus:
Lister, St.Angela's, Cobham Academy

Written and Directed by Dominic Hingorani
Musical score by Tate Hingorani-Short

Visual score by Rachana Jadhav



The name of the project is taken from a Romani term atchin tans [stopping places] which are the traditional sites that Romani communities visit during the year and marks places where Romani and non-Romani communities come together.

The Stopping Place is a large-scale choral project which places two sisters of Roma heritage centre stage of a diverse female chorus and drawing on music from the Romani tradition. We are delighted to be working with Newham Music to create the all female chorus drawn from schools in Newham.



Pusomori and Kaven are sisters who were born into the Romani community but now live in two very different worlds. Separated as teenagers Pusomori continued her travelling life while Kaven, who is poshrat [a mixed blood Romani] has settled. The ‘Big Halt’ has been called and gypsies are no longer permitted to travel but Pusomori refuses to settle. When the sisters meet Kaven asks Pusomori to take her with her. What price are the sisters prepared to pay to visit the atchin tans of their mother?



Patrin is the old word for the signposts, symbols and messages that Roma people leave for each other at the atchin tans for their fellow travellers. Join us at the Patrin, where you can leave messages, songs and personal stories of mothers, grandmothers, aunties, nieces which share why these women’s voices have been so important in shaping our lives.



"We are delighted to be partnering Brolly in the delivery of their exciting new project the Stopping Place which is a great opportunity to develop arts participation and engagement in the borough and to deliver high quality performance work that reflects and celebrates the diversity of our community."

Monica Thomas 

Commissioner, Resident Engagement and Participation

London Borough of Newham

The Stopping Place and the Patrin will travel nationally in Summer 2022